Download & Installation

ODIN is not included in the full RGT version anymore. Make sure to install it in a different prefix or virtual environment if you have an existing RGT installation. Please contact us on our Support group if you experience any problems.

Version Comments
ODIN-0.4.1 GPL v3 licence, bigfixes
ODIN-0.4 improvement of read extension size estimation
ODIN-0.3.2 support of Mac OS, small bugfix, when input-DNA does not overlap with IP-DNA
ODIN-0.3.1 use HMM of package hmmlearn instead of sklearn
ODIN-0.3 p-value correction, bugfixes, output directory
ODIN-0.2 bugfixes, additional narrowPeak output
ODIN-0.1.1 fix chrom size bug, BigWig construction. Since peaks are not merged, please do not use this version!
ODIN-0.1alpha paper version

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Installation Requirements

ODIN’s installation setup will automatically install all python package requirements. However, we highly recommend that you pre-install scipy and numpy. The python package requirements are:

Important: ODIN uses wigToBigWig from the UCSC utilities website to handle BigWig files. ODIN therefore automatically copies this tool in your bin directory. The wigToBigWig version ODIN copies is for a 64bit linux system. If you have another system (32bit, macsOS), please copy the appropriate binaries by yourself and make sure that they are contained in your $PATH variable. You can load the BigWig files in IGV to visualize the experiment.
ODIN is tested with Python 2.7.6, Numpy 1.8.1, Scipy 0.13.3, Scikit-lean 0.15.2, Pysam 0.7.5, mpmath 0.18 and hmmlearn 0.1.1 on a 64bit Linux (Ubuntu) machine.

Customized Installation

If you do not have superuser rights on your system, you can install ODIN by:

python install --prefix=<INSTALLATION-FOLDER> --rgt-tool=ODIN

Make sure that your PATH variable contains <INSTALLATION-FOLDER>.

A folder rgtdata, containing annotation files such as chromosome sizes, will be created in your homefolder. You can change the path with


Please see here for more information about the rgtdata folder.