15th March 2016

We have published THOR-0.1 with some improvements:

  • THOR is published under the GPL v3 license
  • dependency fixes: THOR works with scipy 0.17.0, sklearn 0.17.1, numpy 1.10.4 and pysam 0.9.0. However, you need to have hmmlearn version 0.1.1 installed! The package ngslib is no longer required
  • bugfixes: mean-variance function can be linear; output bed and narrowPeak files have same p-values
  • new features: THOR additionally outputs DP estimates with uncorrected p-values; tools to handle bigwig files are automatically copies to $PATH; more precise warning messages if no GC content normalization is performed


7th July 2015

We are happy to release THOR-0.1alpha, a pre-paper version of THOR.

THOR can identify differential peaks within two sets of ChIP-seq replicates.