Download & Installation

These instructions are only to be attempted if you know what you are doing and the basic instructions failed. Please contact us on our Support group if you experience any problems.

Installation Requirements

THOR’s installation setup will automatically install all python package requirements. However, we highly recommend that you pre-install the following packages:

pip install --user cython numpy scipy

The python package requirements are:

Important: THOR uses wigToBigWig, bedGraphToBigWig and bigWigMerge from the UCSC utilities website to handle BigWig files. THOR therefore automatically copies these tools in your bin directory. The tools THOR copies are for a 64bit linux system and MacOS. If you have another system (eg, 32bit), please copy the appropriate binaries by yourself and make sure that they are contained in your $PATH variable. You can load the BigWig files in IGV to visualize the experiment.

THOR is tested with Python 2.7 on a 64bit Linux (Ubuntu) machine.

Customized Installation

If you do not have superuser rights on your system, you can install THOR by:

python install --prefix=<INSTALLATION-FOLDER> --rgt-tool=THOR

Make sure that your PATH variable contains <INSTALLATION-FOLDER>.

A folder rgtdata will be created in your homefolder. You can change the path with


The rgtdata folder is not used by THOR. Please see here for more information.

Archived releases

We highly recommend you to install the latest version of THOR by pip. These archived versions are not supported anymore.

Version Comments
THOR-0.1 new dependencies, GPL v3 license, bugfixes
THOR-0.1beta paper version
THOR-0.1alpha pre-paper version