Download & Installation

These instructions are only to be attempted if you know what you are doing and the basic instructions failed. Please contact us on our Support group if you experience any problems.

Basic Installation

The recommended way of installing RGT is via pip, the main python package manager. After installing pip, type in this order:

pip install --user cython numpy scipy
pip install --user RGT

This will install the full RGT suite with all dependencies.

Setup Data folder

The RGT Data Folder must be configured after installing RGT, or some of the tools will not work. Follow this link to learn how.

By default, the folder named rgtdata is placed in your home directory after installation. If you need to put it in an alternative location (for example to use a single data folder for multiple users), you must put the full path to the RGTDATA environment variable. On Linux, you would need to copy the following line to your .bashrc file:


Advanced Installation

If you do not want to use pip, or cannot, it’s very easy to install RGT manually. Either download here the latest RGT release or clone the github repository:

git clone

and then type:

cd reg-gen
python install --user

This will install the full RGT suite in your HOME directory (it doesn’t require administrator privileges). The same caveat exists about dependencies: if you have troubles, manually install at least cython, numpy and scipy and then try again installing RGT.

In addition, you can also decide to only install one or more tools, instead of the full suite, like so:

# installs the tools THOR and Motif Analysis
python install --user --rgt-tool=THOR,motifanalysis